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The Slow Movement

In my about page, I quoted Carl Honore, author of In Praise of Slow, who is best known for his advocacy of the Slow Movement. Listen to this interesting Ted Talk delivered by him on this subject.

His Books

In praise of Slow plots the lineage of our speed-obsessed society; while it recognizes the difficulty of slowing down, it also highlights the successes of everyday people around the world who have found ways of doing it. HonorĂ© traces his “Aha” moment to his son’s bedtime, when Honore would race through storybooks — skipping pages, reading portions of paragraphs — to move things along. (He’s since reformed.)


His second book, Under Pressure is about how we are raising a generation of over-programmed, overachieving and exhausted children.


(Review my recommended books right here.)

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