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Salted Duck Eggs

I love salted duck eggs.  They are basically eggs which have been immersed in a brine for 3 to 4 weeks to preserve them.  Some months back when I spotted some fresh duck eggs for sale at the local farmers’ market, I bought some to make my own salted duck eggs.

To make the brine, you need 1 part of salt to 4 parts of water.  Bring the salt and water to the boil.  Allow to cool.  Immerse the eggs and patiently wait 3 to 4 weeks.   Remove them from the brine and keep them in the fridge  where they will last for a few months.  When ready to use, steam or boil the eggs.   The yolks are most delicious – bright orange, firm and slightly oily.  The whites can be used although it can be quite salty.

How do I use my salted duck egg?  I love it as a accompaniment to Thai curries,  added to salad, stir fry,  omelette,  used it in pasta (in place of bottarga) ………

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