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Photos on Sunday – two.love.birds.

The other morning as Max and I sat down for breakfast, the chirping of birds outside caught our attention.  These two loving rainbow lorikeets with their brilliant display of colours were perched on the bare persimmon tree, displaying their affection for each other.  Wow, what a feast for the eyes.  While the food on the table provided nourishment for our bodies, the beauty in nature was truly nourishment for our souls.

Enjoy the photos and this beautiful poem by Kolawole Ajao.

Two love birds

Two love birds:
Singing together,
Perching together,
Roaming together.

Two love birds:
Seeing each second,
Floating each minute,
Drooping each hour.

Two love birds:
Nesting together,
Slumbering together,
Brooding together.

Two love birds:
Eating each second,
Drinking each minute,
Chirping each hour.

Aye, two love birds! :
Not dying together.


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