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Offally Good Lunch!

Cleaning out my freezer the other day I found 1 ox-tongue, 2 lamb tongues, a pig ear, 2 lamb hearts and other odd bits.  After brining them for a few days, they were slow cooked in an aromatic broth for a few hours until tender.  With the tongues I simply pressed them in a dish and the hearts, ears together with some pork cheeks were diced and pressed into another dish. We had them for lunch today  with home made lacto fermented mustard, sauerkraut, lacto-fermented beans and some store-bought cornichons and it was an offally good.

For the Pressed Tongue

Peel the skin of the tongues and pressed into a dish.  Place a weight on top and refrigerate.

For the Lamb Heart &Pig Ear Terrine

Dice the hearts into small cubes & slice the pig ear thinly.  To that I added some diced pig cheeks (which I cooked the previous day).  Press into a dish and add a little gelatinous broth.  Place a weight on top and refrigerate.

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