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Homemade Vanilla Extract

This bottle of vanilla extract was made on 26 Feb. 2009.

Good quality vanilla extract is an essential ingredient for cooking but it can be quite expensive.  I met a grower at the local market and learnt that making your vanilla extract is really simple.  It is less expensive and you know exactly what is in it.    I made mine about a year ago.  So here is how to make it:

You need:

  • glass jar
  • 500 ml vodka
  • 6 vanilla beans

1. Cut the beans in half lengthwise to expose the seeds.
2. Add the beans to the jar.
3. Cover with the Vodka and give it a shake.
4. Store in a cool, dark place.  For the next 1 month or so, give it a little shake.  After 8 weeks, it is ready for use.  The flavour will develop and become more intense the longer you leave it.  It will also become darker.

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