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Gomasio (Sesame Salt)

Gomasio or sesame salt is a japanese condiment which is traditionally made in a suribachi (ceramic mortar,) using a surikogi (wooden pestle) to grind the seeds.  I find the ritual of grinding the seeds and salt quite enjoyable  and  relaxing.   This nutrient rich condiment is wonderful sprinkled on salads, soups, fish & meat, eggs, stir fried vegetables  ……

1 cup sesame seed (black, white, or mixed together)
4-5 tsp sea salt or himalayan salt


  1. Roast the salt in a pan.
  2. Let the salt cool and then pour it into the suribachi.  Grind into a fine powder.
  3. Next roast the sesame seeds in the same pan, on low heat and stir constantly to avoid burning. The seeds must be roasted until they are crisp.
  4. Pour the seeds on top of the salt and grind gently, exerting enough pressure to crack the seeds. The oil from seeds will coat the salt.
  5. Store the gomasio in a jar and keep in a cool, dry place.

Try different variations by adding garlic flakes, flax seeds, dulse, mustard seeds or herbs such as nettle.

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