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First day of spring & Father’s Day

Over here in Australia, today marks the first day of Spring.  It is also Father’s Day and
I have prepared a special lunch for Max.

 Beautiful piece of grass fed bone-in rib eye steak  (600 grams) from Wooroolin Country Meats, Kingaroy.

The meat was seasoned with salt and pepper, vacuum sealed and cooked
using the sous-vide technique and finished off on a hot grill pan to brown the sides.

The result – juicy, tender, flavourful meat cooked to perfection, the way we like our meat à point.

Freshly prepared rosemary salt

Roasted potatoes

The organic potatoes were first parboiled and then roasted in the oven in duck fat
until crisp and golden brown and rolled in rosemary salt.

A bowl of bitter greens and herbs

Dessert:  Lemon curd tart on a coconut crust, topped with kefired cream
with a sprinkling of raw cacao powder.


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