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Enzyme Rich Papaya Seed Pepper

Jo, from our local nourishing connections group submitted this recipe.

Found this recipe in Nourishing Traditions. I thought this is an intriguing way to make use of something that is normally thrown out. Think of the health benefits as the seeds are rich in enzymes. I purchased an organic papaya as I don’t have them growing, unfortunately. The papaya seeds are placed in warm water and the pulp removed. Seeds are then soaked for around 7 hours. Then rinse, strain and bake seeds in an oven overnight or until completely dry. Grind in pepper mill. As it has been hot here in QLD I left the seeds out for a few days and they dried naturally. Saving energy! I acutally put the dried seeds in a coffee grinder and ground them. The end result did look like ground pepper. The pepper has been sampled by sprinkling over salad. As this is the first time making the pepper I will use small amounts to start to see the impact on the flavour of foods. I imagine it would be great in soups, too. Happy eating!

So the next time you cut open a papaya, don’t throw away the seeds. Make  papaya seed pepper and use it in place of your regular pepper.  Add to your  salad dressing or to your lacto-fermented vegetables.

Papaya seeds are said to have antibacterial properties, may protect the kidneys from toxin-induced kidney failure,  eliminate intestinal parasites as well as a liver detoxifier.

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